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think your site can win our award? apply here and find out! this is a feature i used to love and apply for all the time, so i figured i'd bring it back to harvest!

how it works

your site will be graded out of 20
each section of the score will be subdivided and feedback will be offered as needed
if you score 13 or over out of 20, your site will recieve a custom award!
your site will then be listed on this page as a previous winner.

this is meant to be fun, so don't overthink it!

categories graded

1. Content - 5 pts. Quality, amount, diversity of content. You don't have to have a lot, but is the content fun and engaging? Is there a lot of thought put into it?
2. Well-roundedness - 5 pts. Is the web site cohesive and well-rounded? Is it interactive? This will also be assessed based on the type of site it is (ex. if it is a concept site, downloads site, etc.)
3. Utility - 5 pts. Is your site a crew site or a show site? That's great! How well does it serve its purpose depending on the type of site?
4. Layout - 3 pts. Pretty straightforward, but is the layout visually pleasing and/or memorable? Is the navigation overly difficult to find?
5. Errors - 2 pts. Are there many spelling mistakes? Are there broken links or images? Do some links direct to the wrong pages?
6. Bonus points - Are there some special features that make it stand out? Anything else that did not fit into the above categories.
total out of 20



past winners

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