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after ten years or more, harvest returns to the internet! this is a p3+ site focusing primarily on mixies. it is owned by scribble, your friendly neighborhood canadian petz devotee!

featured on this layout is valentino, the calico mixie from shade, myrtle, the mutt mixie from pollution and epoxy, the tamsin from amanda.

take a look around, stay a while and check back for future updates!

thursday, march 23 2022
♥ sent out 11 adoptions & added 2 new litters- a new dane mixie litter & a lab mixie litter
♥ added a guestbook becuase why not lol updating name the pet will be coming next
♥ updated my crew, it's almost complete but thx petz life for expanding my gang exponentially hahah

saturday, march 3 2022
♥ new layout, updated my crew & sent out adoptions
♥ added two new litters, velveteens and meezers
♥ added some downloadable adoptions & updated memories

sunday, january 22 2022
♥ sent out adoptions & updated my crew

thursday, december 23 2022
♥ added 5 litters to the adoption page & sent out 12 adoptions
♥ updated my crew (!!) advent calendar has my crew expanding hahah

tuesday, december 15 2022
♥ new layout & 2 new litters posted on the adoption page
♥ adoptions sent out & 1 ask twister question answered

tuesday, november 1 2022
♥ adoptions sent out & updated my crew

sunday, october 23 2022
♥ adoptions sent out & one new cali mixie litter posted
♥ added a hex archive and updated my crew

monday, october 17 2022
♥ sent out 4 of the dane hexies <3 thanks everyone! will try hexing some more :)

sunday, october 16 2022
♥ 3 new bred litters posted, 2 adoptions sent out & 1 win an award winner posted
♥ halloweeny hexed dane litter posted. it's so nice to try hexing again!

sunday, october 2 2022
♥ 12 adoptions sent out

sunday, september 18 2022
♥ 5 new litters & harvest has a new sister site, go visit freefall <3

friday, september 16 2022
♥ updated the crew + got one win an award to work on :)

sunday, september 11 2022
♥ sent out 11 adoptions, sorry to those who didn't get the pet they wanted!
♥ new daschie litter up. more litters comin' soon.
♥ finally updated the name a pet with a new pet. go vote!! (:

sunday, august 28 2022
♥ esteemed petzy people!! thank you so much for adopting and browsing harvest!! 11 adoptions sent out just today, and i SEE YOU and your love for daschies and labs. you maayyy want to check back soon if you missed out on the one you wanted!
♥ also one new great dane / doberman OW litter and one new blue heeler dali mix litter posted

saturday, august 27 2022
♥ 5 new litters because what are breeding sprees & sent out 6 adoptions

friday, august 26 2022
♥ hi new layout the most me thing ever i love making layouts ok
♥ four new litters: sheepies, danes, rbs and mini danes
♥ sent out six adoptions, three cats and three dogs
♥ completed a win an award and posted it on its page

sunday, june 12 2022
♥ sent out adoptions and posted a new purebred dali litter
♥ added some newbies to the crew pages

friday, may 13 2022
♥ sent out adoptions & posted 3 litters: cali mixies, tamsins & b&w mixies

tuesday, may 3 2022
♥ sent out adoptions & put up a velveteen litter

♥ posted the about harvest page

♥ updated the crew pages

saturday, april 30 2022
♥ sent out adoptions & more litters up! rbs, mini danes, oshies. enjoy :)

friday, april 29 2022
♥ 23 adoptions sent out in the past 2 days!! thanks all! i'll be continuing to breed more!

♥ speaking of which, 2 new litters up for adoption, some mini danes and more persians :)

wednesday, april 27 2022
♥ new layout as you can tell! had fun making this one!

♥ 1 win an award completed & breeding request leftovers up

♥ 2 new litters up for adoption

tuesday, april 22 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! 1 breeding request completed, look out for the leftovers soon!

♥ 1 win an award application, award and submission coming next update!

tuesday, april 12 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! the 2 new breeding request litter leftovers were posted (say that fast 5 times!)

♥ updated ask twister & name a pet! check 'em out!

monday, april 11 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! katyushka was popular, i understand why hehe.

♥ posted downloadable petz and ask twister on the other page!

♥ 1 win an award completed & posted on the page.

♥ still have 2 breeding request leftover litters to post for next update :)

friday, april 8 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! 1 new litter up.

♥ all my catz crew is posted and my dog crew is up to date.

♥ 1 breeding request completed, 1 to post as well!

♥ still have the win an award to complete, sorry for the delay bunni :')

sunday, april 3 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! 1 new litter from a breeding request.

♥ posted 1 win an award winner! 1 more application coming for next update!

♥ send some love to my new sisters, raine and bunni <3

♥ 1 breeding request completed, so look out for the next litter after the first puppies are claimed.

sunday, march 27 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! 2 new litters from a breeding request.

♥ 3 breeding requests completed, so you can look out for that 3rd litter soon :)

♥ 1 application for the win an award, will have that done for next update!

♥ 7/10 votes for the name a pet. almost there!

tuesday, march 22 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! sorry to those who applied for elegy, he was popular!

♥ new litter and you will FREAK! they are so cute.

♥ put up the win an award page :)

♥ 5/10 votes for the name a pet!

thursday, march 17 2022
♥ sent out adoptions & posted 1 new litter.

♥ put up the about me page :)

♥ gahh i put up a link banner for harvest, but realized i saved over my updated links file :(

♥ 3/10 votes for the name a pet!

tuesday, march 15 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! it makes me so happy that the pc is still so vibrant and participatory! :')

♥ updated the links page. i feel like everytime i look, i find a new petz site and i love that.

♥ new pet up for name a pet! go vote :)

sunday, march 13 2022
♥ sent out adoptions & added new litters. if you like alleys & tabbies you'll be happy :)

♥ 10 votes have been casted for the name a pet, the poll is closed! go see which name won, and keep an eye out for the next pet (or submit one)!

♥ updated the crew since i adopted a new doggo. put up the request a litter page

friday, march 11 2022
♥ special thank you to bunni for helping me with touching up the iframe issues <3

♥ started working on my crew, dogz section completed!

♥ new sister site linked :)

thursday, march 10 2022
♥ sent out adoptions! i'm so glad people are adopting <3 please keep the apps coming.

♥ added a new feature in the "other" section - name the pet! please help me choose new names for petz that need it!

♥ updated the links page, trying to collect as many active sites as possible! if you want to be linked or to be sister sites, please lmk!

wednesday, march 9 2022
♥ sent out adoptions and removed adoption limit. thought it'd take me longer to settle in, but it's a smaller community and easier to manage.

♥ 2 new cali mixie litters - if you like mottled coats you're in for a treat! 1 new tabby mixie litter as well.

♥ adjusted the layout to allow for a future miscellaneous/other section. thank you for welcoming me back, pc <3

tuesday, march 8 2022
♥ well, we're back! new layout, content might be changing as we go! still trying to catch up on what's been going on in the community, adopting petz and creating content, so bear with me!

♥ 3 new litters up for adoption, check 'em out!

♥ site of the moment: medusa

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